How to stay motivated while looking for a new job

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We all know that looking for a new job is one of the most important things to get right and although JIYU are on hand to help as much as we can, keeping yourself motivated is a big factor as well. So please take a look below for some tips on this.

Step 1
Make a schedule and stick to it. Your schedule should include activities that relate to job hunting, which should be approached as though it were a job in itself with a set number of hours in the work week. Sticking to a schedule can help keep spirits up.

Step 2
Read relevant materials daily to stay current with job opportunities and employment outlooks. Although it can be discouraging to see relatively few want ads in a local newspaper, the knowledge that you’re actively engaged in the job search and doing everything possible to find a new job helps maintain a high motivation level.

Step 3
Network with other job hunters. This can be done online, at employment offices, and career placement departments at colleges or at job fairs. Talking to others who are seeking employment helps fight off discouragement and maintains motivation. Networking can also lead to the discovery of job openings.

Step 4
Take a class. This can be online, a nearby community college or a trade school. Keeping the brain engaged helps stave off discouragement, and learning something new helps to foster the belief that you’re working towards a better future.

Step 5
Perform volunteer activities. Using the time afforded by unemployment for volunteer work may lead to job openings and is a form of networking. Also, volunteer activities are generally greatly appreciated by those who supervise the volunteer work, and appreciation of your services can help keep your self-confidence high.

Step 6
Exercise daily. The exercise regime does not have to be strenuous but it will help to keep your outlook positive.

Step 7
Celebrate any successes during the job hunt. The success doesn’t have to be an offer. Finding a new lead can be seen as a success. Celebrating successes helps maintain motivation.